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I'll SET

Storytelling is my life

and I love sharing stories through sound, music, radio, and film.  Every story, fact or fiction, is as unique as the faces behind them.  I would be honored to share one of your stories with the world!

Drew Elliot

Hope College Director of Recording Arts

"Ariel is dedicated, hard working, and a quick learner.  She explores every option to fulfill her creative vision.  It was a pleasure to have her in class and see the projects she produced, recorded, and mixed."

Ivan Akansiima

Jazz Artist and Composer


"Ariel's passion for the arts compliments her incomparable skills in music production.  

You can't go wrong with her."

Larissa Fall

Violinist, Teacher, Arts Administrator

"Ariel Vincent is a passionate and hard-working professional who I highly enjoyed collaborating with on a classical recording project. Ariel was knowledgeable about not only the recording equipment she used but also the acoustics of the room, the technical aspects of different instruments, and the well-being of her clients. She planned ahead, took into consideration her clients' preferences, and brought her own insight into the experience. I would gladly recommend her as a recording artist for any genre of music."


Zhaojin Xiang


"Ariel is not only a professional recording artist but a good friend as well! I have been knowing her since the year 2014, and we have recorded a lot of works together. Her concentration, patience, and persistence on the engineering process allowed my performance flourish."


Shelby Rhodes

Jazz Vocalist


"Ariel has an incredible ear.

In collaborating, creative communication is a priority to her.  Both of these qualities have made me very happy with my finished tracks, and have helped develop my sound as an artist!"

Carrie Davis

The Pledge Radio Host

"Ariel is a creative self starter who delivers on time and beyond expectation!

I highly recommend her! ”

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